Built-In Printer:

A built-in printer allows the operator to record and document measurements in real time.

Built-In GPS:

The Mirolux Ultra is configured with built-in GPS functionality to document the location where each reading is collected. A port is also available to input highly accurate GPS modules for those users needing greater than 3 meter accuracy.

Built-In WiFi:

The Mirolux Ultra is the only available instrument equipped with WiFi wireless communication capability, allowing the user to transmit collected data to a WiFi equipped printer, laptop or PDA. It provides the ultimate in convenience. Customizable Data Input: The operator can enter site specific data prior to each use via a touchpad defining location, weather conditions, color and type of pavement marking, etc.

Error Notification:

The Mirolux Ultra performs self tests of various systems and will alert the user of low battery voltage, poor GPS satellite fix, and near-full memory conditions.


The Mirolux Ultra is fitted with a folding handle and wheels for the ultimate in portability.

Mirolux Ultra 922
Brochure (PDF 230KB)

Mirolux Ultra 30
Brochure (PDF 60KB)
Mirolux Plus
Instruction Manual (PDF 250KB)
Mirolux 12
Instruction Manual (PDF 220KB)
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