Repair Service

A retroreflectometer requiring repair or recalibration should be sent to:

Mirolux Products, Inc.
12571 Deer Canyon Lane
Draper, UT 84020

Please call our service number (801-718-7089) and leave a message prior to shipping your instrument for service. Alternatively, you may send a notification via email to

We are pleased to offer continued service and support to owners of previous generations of our instruments including the Mirolux 12, Mirolux Plus (MP-12) and Mirolux Plus (MP-30).

We would like existing and potential customers to be aware that the retroreflectometer pictured below was not at any time designed, manufactured or marketed by Mirolux Products, Inc.

Mirolux Ultra 30
Original MIROLUX ULTRA 30 Product
Made in USAMade in USA